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              My life

School made me a bigger weirdo

School made me feel like a weirdo

School was full of different people

School was full of living friend.

Home was full of rules

Home is full of Anime

Home was were I cried

Home is were Bambi is.

Friends laughed with me

Friends cried with me

Friends fought with me

Friends made me grow.

Family fought each other

Family loved each other 

Family cried together

Family laughed together.

I saw and see everything

Though I know so little

I tasted many things

Though I can never tell what it is.


                 What I love

My favorite food is everything

Except food that is rotten

Because it makes me feel rotten

Candy can make me sweet.

I love when people sing

Because they sound like angels,

I like the sound of nature in the morning

And the songs in Anime.

When I see art it make me feel proud

When I see family it makes me smile, 

When I see Jacksepticeye he makes me laugh

When I watch Anime it makes me gasp.

The smell of fresh air is refreshing

The smell of fresh cookies are relaxing,

The smell of mint in the air is amazing

The smell of pancakes are delicious.

The touch of Bambi is soft

The touch of my computer is electrifying,

The touch of cotton is loving

The touch of liquid soap is nice.

Imaginary Autobiography

Hi, my name is Jagiahna Smith and it’s my 44th birthday and my husband is throwing me a party. But not many people will be coming, because most of the villager think I’m bad luck. My husband Ethan got me a lovely gift, a journal with a beautiful cover. He wanted me to write an autobiography to teach myself about my abilities, for when I am born again. He also wants me to write down all the information I learned about Enerkinesis, the type of magic I use, and all the spells I can use.

I was born on January 10, 2002, I became the fourth member of the Smith. I was fourth because I had an older brother (who was four years older than me), and he DID NOT LIKE ME. As a baby, he couldn’t do anything to me. When I was two years old I received a little sister, she was my angel when my brother was the demon. And on That day, I swore to protect her. That day my brother also started to abuse me mentally, because he didn’t want any sisters. At four years old I began Preschool, I hoped there that I would safe from my brother. But I was wrong, he was everywhere and it began to affect me.

I would sit by myself and talk some weird talk, when I played with doll I would mimic what my brother would do to me. My parents thought that I was being bullied so we moved around a lot. When I began middle school, we had moved to Shreveport, Louisiana. The state of Voodoo magic, if one thing helped me when I was dealing with my brother it was learning about the supernatural and mythology. My parents would by me books on all types of supernatural or mythical creatures, places, or items. Being the supernatural fanatic I am, I convinced my parents to take us to a legit voodoo shop. The owner’s name was Shanna and she had a young daughter who was ten years old, just like my sister. The young girls name was Luna, my brother was 16 at the time. Luna and my sister quickly became friends, I started to make friends, we were happy. My brother he was sent to a boarding school, because he started to act violent because of the kids he hung out with. 

When I started High School, I was nervous and scared of all the people, but I had my two friends from middle school. They helped me open and feel welcome. My brother graduated from his boarding school and decided to stay for a while. My sister just started 7th grade and her and Luna were still best friends. We wanted our happiness to last forever, but it didn’t. winter break was ending soon and my sister was stay the night at Luna’s. When the police came in to tell my parents that Shanna and my sister where killed, and that Luna was taken. My parent were devastated, my mother fell into depression and my father started to drink. 

In my second year of high school my mother committed a suicide and my father murdered by a gang that he owed money too. So, my brother who was in his second year of college became my guardian, but he didn’t want me. He rented an apartment for me to live in, he said he would also pay for me to go to college. As long as I never went to see him, the only thing I had to pay for was food, clothes, books, and phone bill. I started to by books on magics and I started a job to make money. One day I was at a really nice book shop and I meat a middle-aged woman, who asked me if I was looking for a grimoire. I knew what a grimoire was but I thought that she was joking so I bought it. I got home and I put the grimoire on my bed and it started to change.

I opened it and the word they made me feel like I could fly, I stay up all night.Four the last two years of high school I studied my grimoire and asked the lady (whose name is Jane) about it, and she explained that I could use magic. Or to be specific I could control magic energy which is Enerkinesis, and there is not much knowledge known about this type of magic. She told me that many other magic wielders would come to battle me, and that she would train me.

When I started college, I would practice till I had work, my grade were good even with all this much to do. The other wielders started to come after me during second semester, and I decided that when I graduate medical school with my PhD in medicine, that I would move to an island that Jane talked about that was unknown to the world.

I move to the island when I was 27 years old, there I opened a shop for healing. Sometimes I used science other times I use magic, I meat Ethan when he came in sick with the flu. I fixed him up and after that he visited often and I would show some medical techniques. We started to date after 6 months later. Ethan was sweet, funny, and handsome and he taught me many things. The day before he proposed to me I told him that I was a magic wielder, and he accepted me. 

We were living happily together until the villager found out about me. They came to our house while I was out picking herbs, they came with spears and fire. They forced Ethan out of the house so that they could punish him, the punishment was death. I came back seeing that the villager were gathered around my house, and that Ethan was in the middle yelling. I pushed people out of the way until I was to Ethan, but I was too late. They killed him he laid on the floor dying, so I used a forbidden spell that gathered the magic into my hands. I revived him, because he soul had not departed yet. But he and I were cursed, I to be reborn every 45 years and Ethan to roam the earth forever looking like a 45-year-old.

That is how we got where we are, Oh I should be going to the party now, GOODBYE.


13 Answers To Some Unusual Questions.

These statements are answers to some unusual questions I received from my creative writing class. Please, don’t try to guess what the questions are.

  1. If I planted my heart an amazing dragon would grow from it, if it had shoes its colors would be blue and silver.
  2. If I stood on my hands, I would walk to San Francisco with my dog Bambi. But when I get there I would fall over my dog.
  3. If I peeked into a tent I would see a child with a lotus flower whistling , I would hear whistling. I would sneeze because of the lotus the boy would give me.
  4. If I named all of my fingers, they would all be named Draco, Kandy, and Skylar. If I named my toes they would be Leo, Elizabeth, and Lily. My hands would be called Isabella, and my feet would be called James.
  5. I love to count the candy that I buy from the store, to me life can’t exactly tell.
  6. I found my silliest song on my Nintendo DS, my deepest calm was when my dog sleeps next to me. My good luck charm is my optimism.
  7. I never run out of surprises because life is a surprise,  and my supplier is God or a friend.
  8. At the bottom of a glass of water I like the glass, at the top I like the water.
  9. I would like to fly to Ireland or The United Kingdom, and my wings are reptilian and silver.
  10. My favorite memory is trapped under a giant Apple tree, and it would travel to the leaves.
  11. If a disaster was to happen and I was to not be hurt, it would be a tornado.
  12. If I could grant one person a wish it would be my sister, and she would wish for more wishes.
  13. If I could disappear into one color for one day, the color would be Silver. The day would be Wednesday.

About Me

Hi, my name is J. Smith and I go to RHS. I am posting all of these poem and soon to be stories, because of a class I am currently taking called Creative Writing. I love with my mother, father, and younger sister. My older brother is in college, in Michigan. I have four dogs, but my favorite is Bambi. Bambi is a black Labrador, she is so adorable even when she snores. My favorite subjects in school are math, science, and sometimes history. I love to write stories, watch anime, read mangas, role play, and play video games. Thanks for reading my all about me.

Please leave questions in the comments.

Cool With School. “Bad and Boujee” Parody

Raindrop, drop top

Pushin’ those grade to de top top

Those grade making’ you stop stop

Cookin’ that brain till it’s hot hot

From bottom to the top top

I don’t trust other with my homework 

School callin’, YOU late

Build a boat, so your grade can float away

I am cool at school

Cookin’ those grade till there great

My school is good, no great

My grades are above average

I am cool at school

Cookin’ those grade till there great

My school is good, no great

My grades are above average

I Don’t Understand: Summer of 2022

I don’t understand why things have to die.

I don’t understand why things have to be born.

I don’t understand, is God real?

I don’t understand, why she had to die.

I don’t understand, why I was created.

I don’t understand, why she had to go.

I don’t understand, why the world is so cruel.

I don’t understand, why my dreams can’t be real.

I don’t understand, why she can’t be saved.

I don’t understand, will my future be alright with out her.

I don’t understand, why the world can’t let her stay for many years to come.

I don’t understand, why so many have to leave me.

I don’t understand, but I will always love you Bambi.